Growth of Consciousness

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness”- Lao Tzu

Yesterday I was listening to another one of the Mindvalley masterclasses by Ken Wilber which had greatly added on to the concept of awakening and enlightenment we all have. After listening to it, suddenly, my perception of the world around me changed. The conflict in opinions on the same subject where both the parties claimed to be right became clearer.

According to him, there are four levels of consciousness:

Egocentric– A state of consciousness where we are only bothered about ourselves. 

 Ethnocentric– A state of consciousness where we identify ourselves as a part of a community. We care for a specific community.

World centric– A state of consciousness where we identify ourselves first as a human and then as a community. In this state of consciousness, we tend to care for the entire humanity. The difference in identities, religion-wise, gender-wise, and nation wise does not bother us anymore.

Kosmocetric– It is a state of consciousness where we identified ourselves as a living being and therefore, our care is extended to all living beings and not just humans.

Though enlightenment and awakening have been happening to various people at different points in time, we, as a society, are growing. Our history suggests, when we started forming communities, culture, and religion and stopped being a cave person, we experienced a transition from egocentric to ethnocentric. With the advent of globalization, and the extension of rights to all citizens we are now experiencing a transition from ethnocentric to world-centric. The definition of right and wrong for people state of consciousness is different. 

Which state of consciousness are you in?

Let me know your views on this.

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