You don’t lose a friend

You don’t lose a friend. You lose undercover haters. Real friends can never be lost’

Last week I was talking to my sister who was facing some problems with her friends. They had given up on each other over a small issue. They both weren’t willing to resolve the problems.

Losing a friend is really a big deal. But, can you really lose your real friends?

I have been blessed with some really good friends. We too have a lot of differences in perception and understanding, and also do discuss and fight and fight over them. But all of that ultimately ends up with us accepting each other the way we are. In spite of the competitions and quarrels, our friendship was never put on stake.

We all have friends. But there is a difference between good friends and real friends. Good friends are those who have a positive influence on you and you have good relations with them, whereas a real friend is one who stands by you under all circumstances. They may be of no use to you. They may also be completely different from you. But over a period of time, you develop an emotional connection with them which is unmatched. Since this friendship is solely based on emotional connection, it is unaffected by any differences and arguments. It does not change with time. A person may be lucky enough to have a lot of good friends, but real friends are only a handful.


Let me know your views on this.

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4 thoughts on “You don’t lose a friend

    1. Ver well said. Early in life we make friends based on bonding and connections felt. We don’t judge them. Growing up, we start evaluating everybody in terms of their contributions in our life. I guess that is why real friends are made early in life. Thank you for taking out time and expressing your views.

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