Modern Slave of the 21 st Century

 “Fear is slavery, work is liberty and courage is victory

We all proudly claim to have ended the concept of slavery from our society, or at least, we read that in our history textbooks and happily accept it without analyzing it any further.

Slavery Definition

We surely have ended the practice of a human being the slave of another human. But did we really put an end on slavery as a whole? Before going to that question, let us revisit our definition of ‘slavery’. As per oxford, slavery can be defined as a condition of having to work very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation. The main point is that they don’t have a choice. How many times have you found yourself in such situations before? More importantly what was stopping you from getting yourself out of it?

Let me guess. Was it not your fear?

Of course, it was.

Modern day Slavery

Fear of losing a job, fear of being alone, fear of being broke, etc. Every accomplishment and possession is accompanied by a fear of losing it. A fear, that handicaps our thought process and decision-making abilities. You are no longer free to think or choose. Your fear takes these decisions on your part. You become a slave of your fear.

I understand you have heard this before. What matters is how to solve this issue. How does one cope up with fear?

As said in, fear arises out of the worst possibilities that our mind thinks of. Most of the time, the image portrayed by the mind is exaggerated and is far from reality. In such cases, mere understanding of the situation and logic is sufficient to drive away from the fear. But there are many cases when the fear is genuine, maybe something that involves your safety and security. In such cases, the situation should be analyzed and a backup or mitigation should be planned. Make yourself capable enough to deal with the problem.

Fear just makes you handicapped and restricted and does not actually solve the problem. We have been gifted with brains for a reason. We are not meant to be slaves. Not even of our fear.

Let me know your views about it.

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