Be a commander, not a soldier

“Your mind is a battlefield. Be its commander, not its soldier”


Ever since I was a child, I have been hearing the benefits of meditating, controlling my thoughts. Inspired by that and a few guided meditations by ‘ThoughtsnLifeBlog’, I started meditating every day for 15- 20 minutes. Initially, it was a struggle for me. Every time I gathered all my senses and focussed my attention, I could feel a wave of thoughts rushing in to distract me. After a week or two of struggle, I was finally able to slow down my thoughts while meditating.

Once I started feeling the silence within me, I could clearly understand the way these uncontrolled thoughts were impacting me. They always kept running in the background no matter what I did. This continuous chatter reduced my productivity greatly. Thanks to meditation these are somewhat under my control.

It is well said in the above quote. Your mind is a battleground and your thoughts are your army. You are in a war with your weakness, fear, misconceptions, and negativity. No matter how strong or well equipped an army may be, no war can ever be won if the commander is not mentally strong. Even our history emphasizes on many such events where a strong commander with a lesser army had defeated the opponent who had a larger army.

You are the commander of your war. Only a person who has won the war in his head can win in life. People who let each wave of thoughts to influence them never establish anything.

Think and act like a commander of your thoughts and not a soldier of your thoughts. 

Let me know your views on this.

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