Your dreams are waiting for you

Choice, not circumstances define your success

I would like to share a life story of a personality that I read about last week – WC Fields, “William Claude Dunkenfield, better known as WC Fields, was an American comedian, actor, juggler, and writer. During the depression, WC Fields lost all his money and found himself without income, without a job and his means of earning a living no longer existed. Moreover, he was past sixty, when many men consider themselves as ‘old’. He was so eager to stage a comeback that he offered to work without pay, in a new field of movies. In addition to his other troubles; he fell and injured his neck. To many that would have been a place to give up and quit. But Fields was persistent. He knew that if he carried on he would get the ‘breaks’ sooner or later, and he did get them, but not by chance”- Think and Grow Rich

What does the above story suggest?

Look around and ask your loved ones a question- what do they want from life, do they have it, and are they happy? Most of them will tell you how their circumstances are not favorable for them to chase their dream. Many of you would also feel the same way. Compare your situation with that of Helen Keller, WC Fields, and Eddie Cantor. Is your situation worse than them?

Are you keen enough to find a way that leads you to your dream?

Close your eyes and imagine your situation five years from now. You are a peaceful and satisfied person who is very proud to have achieved their dreams. You look around and see everything you always wanted. Now that you have a clear vision in mind, think about all the possible ways you can achieve it. You already possess the key to your dreams. You just need to churn your mind so that it yields that key. You are putting in this effort for yourself. Do not compromise on this.

Your dreams are desperately waiting for you.

Let me know your views on this.

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