Be the author of your life

You do not write your life with words, you write it with actions

Patric Vess

Did you ever connect yourself with a character in a story, movie, or series? As a child, most of us would have done this. In our wild imaginations, we would have placed ourselves in the position of the main protagonist.


But after growing up and gaining an understanding of the real world, we all stopped dreaming and connecting ourselves with fictional characters. We now clearly understand the thin line between reality and imagination. All this while you were trying to relate and experience the story of a fictional character written by somebody else.

Now, wait a minute!

  1. What if your life is a story that is written by you to inspire others and you are the main protagonist?
  2. What if you mind is the diary on which you are writing with your belief?
  3. Given a framework of circumstances, you are supposed to write how the protagonist should act to make the story inspirational.

With a third-person perspective, pick up your current scenario and rewrite it in a way that inspires you. Now introspect yourself, is this how you are reacting? 

Similarly, whenever you feel stuck up or confused, rewrite the situation on a piece of paper with a third-person perspective.

It is a well-known fact that first-hand information is the most reliable and the third-person perspective is the most unbiased. With the above method, you have the privilege of both.

Let me know your views on this.

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