Warrior’s mind and Poet’s heart

Every victorious warrior draws his strength from the highest source; his love

Tapan Ghosh

This is a concept that the majority of us are confused about, and those who figure this out embark upon a journey to conquer the world.

There comes a time in our lives where the loss of or betrayal by a loved one shakes our entire belief system about love. That intense pain hardens our hearts and starts being analytical about every situation in life. While some people stay in denial their entire life, but this is the point where you developed a warrior personality. It is only by crossing this bridge of thorns, one can understand the real meaning of self-love and defending oneself against the judgment of society.

But unfortunately, many people take this a bit too far and get into a state of denial towards any kind of emotion. They define strength as being emotionless and deal with every situation analytically. They become very hard towards people who try to induce emotions within them. The absence of emotions over a period of time makes them hollow inside.

Is expressing one’s feelings a symbol of weakness?

Nature has provided us with two contradicting components: brain and heart. None of them is superior or inferior. They are supposed to work in harmony. Where on one hand, your mind represents a warrior, which is ever ready to defend one and fight for what is right, draws its strength from a poet- your heart. When a warrior’s plan and action are mixed with the poet’s emotions, there remains not a single thing that a person cannot achieve. Though they both are strong even when used in isolation, their union is divine.

Every known leader who has had a deep impact on society was not only persistent and disciplined like a warrior, but also passionate like a poet. They derived their energy by creating a balance between their mind and heart.

Be a warrior and defend your inner self, your sensitive heart, let your emotions energize your mind, and see the magic.

Let me know your views on this.

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