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Identifying the right milestone

As we know, every journey comprises of a range of milestones. This is also true for your journey to success. Our journey to success is filled with a variety of milestones, some of them offer success and others offer failure. This unpredictability makes it very difficult to choose the right milestone.

As I had already said in, success is not just the result of skill set, it is a product of your skill set and mindset. If success is a reward, then failure is the sculptor who carves your mindset and prepares you for success.

Consider a scenario where you desperately want something. You are working really hard for it. Suddenly due to an unexpected problem, your chances of succeeding almost drop down to zero. What would you do?  

This unexpected turn of events starts a war inside you where on one hand you feel like giving up, but there is also a side of you that badly wants this success. The minimal chances of success makes you feel as if there is no point of fighting and putting in any effort.

This is the point where you must realize that your milestone is not succeeding in the materialistic challenge, it is actually the war inside you which was initiated by the unexpected turn of events. Overcoming and winning this inner war and giving your 100% in the materialistic challenge is the real success. When you will emerge out of this episode of your life, you will find yourself one more step closer to goal.

Fighting till the end without worrying about the result proves to the universe that you are worthy of success

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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