Assistance follows Resistance

“You cannot do it”, “You know it’s Sunday, I will start from Monday”, “ I will do it later”.
Are you familiar with these statements?

It comes from within you.

But who is this talking about? Do you want a delay?

You love yourself and would want to progress at all costs. Then why would you want to find excuses for postponing something that will make you grow?

When you plan on starting towards new, in the initial phase, you are very enthusiastic about it. But then you start feeling that your efforts are not yielding the proportionally expected results. With this realization, you are soon overtaken by an enemy called ‘resistance’.

This resistance talks to you in a way to convince you not to put in any effort. It will try to convince you to start from Monday, or New Year, or maybe tomorrow. When the time would come, it will put forth many more such arguments keeping you away from working and thereby delay your growth.

Recall how you always wanted to do something but have not yet started because of resistance.
As a result, we end up regretting it.

This phenomenon is true for every one of us.

But what happens when you act despite the resistance. When we develop a strong determination to overcome resistance, we will see your path to success clearing up gradually. Suddenly, we start seeing solutions in place of problems. This is because our determination to overcome resistance also attracts assistance from the Universe. As a result, things start falling into their right places.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

5 thoughts on “Assistance follows Resistance

    1. Very well said Scott. We all are talented in different ways but many of us fail to achieve our full potential because of this. The day we conquer our resistance, we will conquer the world.
      I am doing good. Thankyou for asking☺.
      Stay safe

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