A much needed break

The clock just struck 7 in the morning. The ringing of the alarm overtakes the peaceful silence.  Not again! It feels like you just slept. But you have no choice, you have to wake up. Even before you open your eyes, your thoughts start rushing in. Memories from yesterday and target planning for today take its place in your head. You finally decide to push yourself out of your bed. At this point you will see that your mind has started running even before your body has completely woken up. You think about your day at work, your family life, the unpaid loans, your kid’s education etc. and they don’t stop. It feels like a slideshow on repeat mode that plays night and day in your head. You go through a busy day while managing your work and family.

At last… its time for bed

You lay your head against the soft pillow. Your body feels light again but you notice that your mind is still running and its the same slideshow. While watching the same movie, you fall asleep and the cycle continues.

How does that feel?

Do you ever wish to take a break from this continuous slideshow and just for once feel the beauty in silence and peace?

Right from the time when a child sets foot in the school for the first time, it is taught the importance of winning.  What starts as a race to secure good grades in school keeps going on till death. We keep on running after something or the other. Anything less is looked down upon by parents and the society. As we grow up, running against everybody else becomes our second nature. Even the thought of stopping for a while makes us feel that we are lagging behind and we pass on the same baton to our kids.

Isn’t that true?

Let’s take a step back and re- evaluate the situation. We spend our entire lives acquiring skills which are relevant to our field of work. We treat these skills as our weapon with which we will be conquering the entire world or at least, our little world.

In order to put these acquired skills to use at the right time, we also have to be in the right frame of mind.


Just like a painting, that looks more beautiful when there is a balance between positive and negative spaces, similarly in life, we need to pause and take breaks from time to time in order to understand ourselves and our journey better. By having a better grasp on our life, we can guide it better.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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