Average is dangerous

“ A true enemy is always better than a fake friend”

This is one of the most prevalent sayings.

Have you ever wondered why?

You are right!

Even though both of them intend to hurt you, a true enemy has made it pretty clear. When you know someone is your enemy, you always stay on your guards around them. You prepare yourself against them. But when one of your friends betrays you, it shatters you to the core. It is always unexpected and unguarded.


The same thing applies to being average in life.

Whether it is a job, education, financial planning, or anything vital for sustenance, most of us work until we are at par with the average level that is acceptable to society. We don’t put in that extra push that is required to take us from the average level to the level of greatness.

Why does that happen?

When we reach a level of fineness that is acceptable by society, we tend to stop there instead of aiming higher. After all, it did take a lot of effort to reach there and we deserve this rest.

The moment we stop, a wave of exhaustion takes over us and we look around and wonder, ‘If I am in the same ship as everybody else, then it is fine ’. Since we become contended, we don’t feel the urge to push ourselves anymore. 

Another reason can be our own limiting beliefs. The schooling and conditioning of the society have reinforced a belief in us that: 

  • Success is for a limited group
  • Most of us live an average life and that is fine
  • You are not worthy of that success as those people are born with what it takes

Do you conform to any of the above limiting beliefs? Ask yourself

We all are unique in terms of our personalities and gift and are equally worthy of success. Success is not a choice, it is a responsibility. It is our prime responsibility to undertake a task that fulfills our purpose and take it to the finish line. If you are not successful in your first attempt (which is completely fine), improvise until you are.

We all are born with gifts needed to make us successful in whatever field we have chosen for ourselves. The only thing standing in between is our resistance which is making us feel unworthy or lazy. Remove the resistance and let the energy flow through you.

You are a born winner. Don’t take this away from yourself and the world by choosing to stay average.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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