“Your only limitations are those that you have set up in your mind”

Some time ago few scientists conducted an experiment in which they placed a banana on the top of a ladder and left four monkeys in a room. Each time a monkey attempted to climb the ladder, scientists would spray all the monkeys with water. The process repeated several times and then it stopped. After removing all the sprinklers from the room, one of the monkeys was replaced with a different monkey who had no clue about the water sprinklers. Guided by its instinct, it attempted to climb the ladder and grab the monkey. Without any delay, the other monkeys rushed and pulled this monkey down.

Why did that react in that way?

What can we infer from their behavior?

This experiment has provided good insights into understanding human behavior. To some extent, we all react like monkeys.

Throughout your growth years, you might have heard phrases like, ‘don’t do that, you will get hurt’, or, ‘success is very hard, set small goals. Even in educational institutions, it is a common trend to compare two students. Though it boosts one child’s confidence, it hurts the other.
What happens next?

To prevent any kind of embarrassment or failure, you start developing an invisible shell around yourself. You start restricting yourself to the activities you are already good at and try to avoid anything that puts you out of your comfort zone.

The shell that you created around yourself was a subconscious reaction to somebody else’s demotivating statement. Even though it wasn’t your choice, it became your limitation.

But how does one overcome that?

The only way to overcome we fear to do things despite it. Making a conscious effort to cross the boundary after which the fear becomes irrelevant, is the only way to kill it.
You are much more than an average person. You have so much more potential within you to reform society and bring a drastic positive change in the lives of people.

Don’t take this away by restricting yourself.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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