Secret of getting things done

Are you one of those people who have great ideas but never implement them?

I was one of them.

I used to look around and see that people are engaged in so many different things but I on the other hand was just sitting and observing them. Even though I had so many different ideas. At any point, I could list down ten for not starting something.

If you are somebody like me, you would already relate to it and would have understood why. Before even getting started with something, I wanted everything to be figured out in my head. I anticipated all kinds of obstacles that could come my way and always assumed the worst possible situations. Though it is not completely wrong. It does have some merits. The only demerit with this approach is that it demotivates a person before even getting started.
No campaign or business venture has reached its peak without working its way through rough roads. Some problems lay in the route which we won’t be able to anticipate at the starting point. When you will come across the problem, the solution will also be within your reach. That is how thousands of successful people have evolved.

It is alright to not have everything figured out before you start. The journey to the peak will involve a bunch of obstacles which when overcome with consistent effort will enhance your skillset and prepare you for the peak. Some questions can only be answered when you come across them.

It is ok to get scared but it is not ok to let that fear stop you from growing.

It is only after you start, you can take your initiative to the finish line. The secret of getting things done is getting started in the first place.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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