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Three Kinds of people in the journey of Growth

What is the factor that motivates you to embark upon a journey of growth and success?

In my observation and experience, there are three kinds of people. This classification excludes the people who are completely de-motivated and have no interest in the growth of any kind. The other three people are:

  1. People who want to be successful but neither do they know what they want to do nor do they put any effort to figure that out. These people have heard all their lives that success is very important and have seen that people are so satisfied when they are successful. They just know they want it.
  2. The second category involves people who want to be successful but the reason for their motivation is either to earn money or live a life where they can take a break anytime they want. As it is evident from their desires, they want to become successful for the sake of their good and comfort. This endeavor doesn’t last for long as it is all about them. It is hard to say no to the happiness and comfort that they are getting today for the sake of happiness and comfort that lies in the womb of the future.
  3. The third category involves people who want to be successful to bring a change in the society they are living in. Although they know this journey would attract fame and money, it is not their prime focus. It is just a bi-product of their success. Their real happiness lies in the feeling that their endeavor has touched and changed millions of lives. Since their endeavor was bigger than them, their urge for happiness and comfort does not break them. This also makes them unable to give up on their dreams.

In the above three categories, the third category has a great probability of success as they keep going on until their mission is accomplished. Then they shoot for even bigger stars.

Which category do you fall in?

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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