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Reasons for NOT WORKING on Personal Development.

We all live busy lives. All our time goes into activities necessary for sustenance and earning a living. Spending time on our personality, sometimes sounds too tedious.

Who has the time, right?

Well here are a few reasons for not devoting time to one’s personal development.

  1. When you spend time on personal development, you might discover who you are. You might discover the treasure hidden inside you and if you do, you might want to claim the happiness and success that rightfully belongs to you. If you don’t stay miserable, how will the selective section of the population rule the society?
  2. With personal development comes a clear direction. If that happens, how will somebody else use you as a tool for their own needs or sell you some ideas that you don’t need?
  3. With personal development comes strength. If you become physically, mentally, and emotionally strong, how will society keep you trapped in a cage of fear?

A person who works on himself becomes charismatic. Over some time, he attracts both eyes and opportunities with the least amount of effort. Investing time and money on ourselves is as important as proper education. It is our foremost responsibility.

People on this journey sometimes, lose all that they hold dear to them, but, they never regret it, instead, they recommend it.

Churn your curious mind. What exactly is the treasure hidden within you.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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