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3 Questions to ask yourself

Are you struggling with your passion right now?

Let’s go back to our school days. Remember the time when you were truly fascinated by a subject or topic, but, your teachers and parents told you that it has no scope and to focus on your studies? Or, the time when you consistently scored high in one subject but were scolded for not getting good marks in other subjects?

The seed of your problem lies in those moments.

Your focus was shifted from the subject that inspired and excited you to a subject that you were never excited about. I understand that it is important to score decent in all subjects. But, it is equally important to pay special attention to the subjects or topics that inspire you.

So the first question is: What inspires you?

When you closely observe yourself, you will realize that you had some innate talents as a child. For some, it could be being logical or persuasive or, good reflexes. It could be anything. You will find them helping you in some way or the other even now.

Find out, what are your innate talents?

Once you figure out your inspiration and your innate talents, start connecting the dots. In what ways are these two related. List down a few career choices that involve both of them. When your daily work motivates you and consumes your innate talent, it gives your existence meaning and fills you with immeasurable peace and happiness.

Once you find out the suitable career choices for your personality, find out: What skills are required to overcome the obstacles between you and your passion?

Update yourself every day about the latest developments in your chosen field. Strive to make yourself the best in this field.

The answer for all your troubles lies within you. Blow off the dust and open the book of your life.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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