Key Components of Self-Development

We talk about Self awareness and self-development all the time. Every book on growth and mindset talks about self-development.

Self- Development is a conscious process of improving oneself in various aspects of life. The ultimate goal of self-development is to attain your full potential and live a fulfilled, happy life.

Key components of self-development are:

  1. Skill Enhancement
  2. Mental Conditioning
  3. Habit Creation

Skill Enhancement– It is a process of picking up new and relevant skills and keep updating the existing skills. For example- a lawyer needs to work on his negotiation skills, a doctor needs to update himself about the new developments in society. 

Mental Conditioning– This refers to the information and kind of environment we are exposed to and the way it impacts our perception and daily life actions. This covers aspects like self-confidence, mental strength, self-respect, self-esteem, positive approach, and critical thinking. Despite having the required skills, a person who is not confident and lacks the courage to initiate may not perform well.

Habit creation- Human beings are cognitive misers and therefore, most of the time, we act based on our habits. We do not consciously make all the choices. Therefore, it is very important to cultivate good habits as they guide almost 85% of our daily actions.

Personal development can be understood through these three aspects. We need various weapons to navigate through life but it is important to remember, we are THE WEAPON.

Evaluate yourself based on these three aspects and ask yourself where do you stand?

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An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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