Mental Conditioning

A wise man once said, ‘What you think is what you see, what you see is how you act, and, how you act determines what you become’

Conditioning is like a tinted glass through which we are seeing the world, through which we perceive the facts. When the conditioning is growth-oriented, we see opportunities for building new cities in ruins. But, when the conditioning is negative, we look for faults even in the beautifully built cities.

But why are we thinking about conditioning so much?

Understanding the concept of conditioning is important because it impacts the following areas in a person’s life:

  1. Self-confidence
  2. Self-respect
  3. Mental strength
  4. Courage
  5. Self-talk

The above five qualities do not directly impact any area, but, together they define a person’s personality. A magnetic personality attracts eyes and opportunities. They are responsible for the first impression that a man forms about you in his head. Having a healthy mindset gives you an edge over other people.

Factors that influence the mental conditioning of a person:

  1. Childhood events
  2. Social circle
  3. Information, you are exposed to
  4. Everyday experience etc.

A few of these factors like the social circle and the information you are exposed to are somewhat in your control. But, there are a few factors that cannot be controlled like childhood events and daily experiences. They keep on bringing in bugs that negatively impact our conditioning, and thereby, our lives. We need to constantly check and kill any such bug being brought in.

Your mind is your safe space and your greatest weapon. Conditioning of your mind determines the condition of your life.

Keep it safe

Let me know your views on this.

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