5 traits of a leader

If there is anything that decides the fate of the society more than everything else, it is the leadership.

Whenever a person goes through a phase of turmoil in life, it is his general instinct to look for someone who can guide him and lead him. More importantly, it is only during the rough phases of life, a person identifies, or, becomes a leader.

Publilius Syrus rightly said, ā€˜Anyone can steer the ship when the sea is calm.

What makes a leader special?

A leader is someone who can offer hope to people when going gets tough. He is a person who dares to form a vision when the circumstances hit him hard, and, compassionate enough to lead everyone on the path of his vision.

But… what separates a leader from his followers?

There are 5 mainly 5 traits that separate a leader from others:

  1. Path and vision– Everybody wants to be successful, but, most of the time this desire is rooted in comfort and fame. A true leader is a person who forms a vision and makes it a mission to accomplish that. His efforts are towards overall good.
  2. Willing to walk on an unexplored path– The explored paths in life are easy to walk on as the challenges of walking on them are already known. But, sometimes, life plays trick games on people by closing all the explored paths. A true leader, under these circumstances, gets up and starts walking on an unexplored path, whose challenges are yet, unknown. He deals with each problem with courage and persistence.
  3. Know how to manage success and failure– A leader is the best follower of his vision. No matter what befalls his path, he never stops. No amount of success can overwhelm him and no amount of failure can demotivate. He treats them as passing clouds and keeps walking on his journey to the sun.
  4. Courage to take decision-When life puts forth tough questions in front of a leader, it does not scare him. He understands that success and failure are just temporary and an illusion, the real key is consistency. Therefore, he takes decisions with courage after evaluating the circumstances.
  5. Nobility and Integrity– A leader is a person, who when looked upon can be perceived as a respectable person. Therefore, nobility in management and integrity in work is highly essential.

As it is clear, all the above traits can be acquired by putting in the effort. A leader is not born, he is carved by tough situations. It is a matter of daily choices and we all have a leader inside who is impatient to come out.

Just open the doors.

Let me know your views on this.

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