Characteristics of a rational mind

When we are on a battleground, isn’t the weapon the most important thing?

Obviously, it is!

It is ‘the thing that will decide our fate.

Similarly, in life, the mind is a weapon and the most essential thing. It is what helps us steer through the storms of life and help us make rational and relevant choices.

Bugs like over-thinking, procrastination, resistance, ego, and uncontrolled emotions derail our thought process and sometimes, set it on a wrong track. When this happens, the mind, which was our defense, itself becomes harmful. When the mind is free from all these bugs, it is called a rational mind.

Now, what are the traits of a rational mind?

There are three main characteristics of a rational mind: Self- awareness, self-examination, and self-determination.

Self- Awareness, as the word states, is being aware of oneself. It is to know and understand the root of all our conscious and impulsive choices, actions, and reactions in life. It is to know what principles we stand for. It is not just to know what we are, but also to understand ‘why we are like that. For example, if we are high on our guards, it is probably because, at some point in our life, somebody had broken our trust which gave us immense pain.

Self – Examination, aka, introspection is to put oneself in check from time to time. We may be free from all the bugs for now but our mind is always vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to examine our minds for these bugs from time to time.

Self- determination is the ability to make choices and manage one’s own life. It is very important to realize that we are the owners of our life and that our actions and choices affect us more than anybody else. For example, when we hold a grudge against somebody, we are the ones most affected by it. When this realization comes, we become responsible and self-determination comes along.

We are the captain of our ship. It is only our responsibility to keep ourselves safe and healthy. This responsibility can only be fulfilled when we are in the right state of mind.

Ask yourself, how aware and determined are you, and, how often do you introspect?

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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