4 Pillars of Confidence

How many times, have we craved the confidence and boldness of talking to others or expressing ourselves without any fear? We do admire people who are confident enough to pursue what they want in life, and secretly… we wish to be like them.

Isn’t it true?

These people, when they walk into a room, instantly grab all the attention. First of all, let us understand:

What is Confidence?

Confidence is trusting one’s ability to accomplish a task which we may or may not be skilled enough to do, but, we would be sure to leave no stone unturned and accomplish the task at any cost. It is not something that people are born with, it is a skill that they develop through effort.

4 Pillars of Confidence

 The confidence in a person is fundamentally based upon four pillars:

  1. Experience- Remember the last time you were scared of doing something but now after so many years of experience, you can accomplish the same task in the blink of an eye. If you know how to drive, you will relate to it. You would not be this confident the first time you held a steering wheel.

Experience matters…

  1. Control- Oftentimes, we base our confidence on things that may not be in our control. The most common example is when people base their confidence on other people’s reactions. These things are not in our control and are influenced by several other factors. How can they define us?
  2. Values- We all judge other people. That is in our nature as human beings. But, have you ever asked yourself how you want to be perceived? Or, what kind of person do you want to be? Our values define us. These values, which we respect are the reasons based on which we admire someone. When we live by our values, we start respecting ourselves. With respect comes acceptance and with that comes confidence.
  3. Reflection- Self-reflection means paying attention to one’s thoughts, behavior, and actions. When we closely observe we know and understand ourselves, we get to know our good and bad traits. The good traits inspire us and the bad traits when worked on give us a sense of improvement. We start respecting our journey and ourselves, and self-confidence follows.

Nobody is born with confidence. It is a reward that you get for believing in and investing in yourself.

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An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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