Inferiority Complex

Ever since childhood, I was chubby. Although it looked cute when I was a kid, when I entered my teenage years, I started perceiving that trait as a flaw in me. To add to that no friend of mine ever missed a chance to point that to me.

I tried… I tried hard not to care. I pretended and eventually believed that it did not bother me. But it was only on the surface. Deep inside, I did care. I started hating my body for the way it was. That was it, I developed a negative self-image.
But one day… things changed.

I met a guy who became a very good friend of mine. I started having a crush on him, but, my secret hatred for my own body always held me back. It made me feel unworthy and I never confessed. I started suffocating within my own body.
That was my inferiority complex.

I did eventually move on, but this time I was determined to do something about my body image. I knew I was physically fit and was more active than many lean people. I realized that health was my priority and started working towards that, and also stopped comparing myself with the beauty standards of society and social media. Now, I truly understand and believe that I have nothing to be ashamed of. I started appreciating myself more.

Shifting my focus from a race of being the best to growing and improving myself step by step worked like magic. I became more accepting and felt happier. The journey itself was very fulfilling.

Inferiority complex was not my problem alone. So many people feel the same way I felt. It may or may not be related to their body. But it always starts when we look down upon ourselves.

Types of Inferiority complex-

Inferiority complex can be of two types:

Primary Inferiority- This type of inferiority complex is developed due to childhood experiences. When you are compared with other people and looked down upon by your parents and teachers, it sows the seeds of an inferiority complex in you.

Secondary Inferiority- This type of inferiority complex is developed during adulthood experiences when you set a goal but fail to achieve it, or, develop a feeling of being left out. Whatever the case may be, the inferiority complex is not always based on reality, in fact, most of the time you are made to believe that you are inferior. The only way out of it is to deal with it and defeating it.

So, gear up and start taking responsibility to improve yourself and leave no space for self-doubt or, feeling of inferiority.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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  1. One of the most difficult challenges for humans, is to look at the mirror and sincerely say ‘I love you, unconditionally’ . I believe inferiority complex is taught or conditioned by society since young. Letting go of judgment is truly the path of reclaiming self-worth, I opine. Have a great day 🙏🏻💝🙏🏻.

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