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Superiority Complex

Have you ever seen somebody trying to exhibit confidence on purpose to put others down?

If you have then you would know that these people live in a bubble assuming themselves to be superior to other people. It is not their confidence because it is not rooted in one’s growth and struggle. It is very toxic.

Do you know why?

Because their sense of superiority, many times originate from their inferiority complex. Isn’t it contradicting?

But it is true.

When a person is struggling with an inferiority complex, he tries to overcompensate it by portraying himself to be superior. Although the inferiority complex is only in a person’s head, trying to overcompensate it does not help either, instead, it aggravates the problem.

When a person tries to shield their inferiority complex by exhibiting their superiority, they don’t address the problem. They keep it safe inside themselves and close all doors to any opportunity for improvement. Even though they act superior, they still feel inferior. Their entire life becomes a struggle.

Here are some symptoms of superiority complex:

  1. The high valuation of self-worth
  2. Boastful claims which are not backed up by the reality
  3. The self-image of supremacy
  4. Unwillingness to listen to others
  5. Unable to take criticism and remarks

When you examine yourself based on, you will get a better picture. For each of us, there would be some aspect where we feel incompetent and inferior. It is ok. Life is about growing every day. Accept yourself and commit to growth. Be proud of what you are but never stop chasing your better version.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

2 thoughts on “Superiority Complex

  1. I’ve often found that the projection of confidence without a grounding is reflection of diffidence or even lack of confidence about self. The best leaders I’ve seen are often vulnerable and easier to reach – they tell us what they don’t know and don’t appear as know it alls. They let people or experts lead the process and are confident enough to trust others

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