Imposter Syndrome

Imagine… what it would be like if one day you wake up and see yourself in the body of someone else, maybe your spouse, or, best friend.

How would you feel?

You might have a lot of exciting things to do at first but eventually, you will get exhausted. You will be tired of pretending.

Right ?

It’s ok to imagine, but it would be very hard if that happens. Yet many people live this nightmare. They wake up every morning to live a life that doesn’t feel their own. They feel they don’t deserve any appreciation. This feeling that people are giving more importance, appreciation, or value to us than we deserve is called imposter syndrome. In this state of mind, even the appreciation from other people does not help them, instead, it puts extra pressure on them to pretend to be perfect. They always fear that someday someone will catch them and they will be tagged as a fraud. These people work hard and also acquire skills, but this feeling of being an imposter takes away all the credit and fills them with even more fear. Such people feel conscious when somebody appreciates them, or when they are in limelight.

Do you know anybody like this?

Why does that happen?

Imposter syndrome is rooted in a person’s inferiority complex. Often we build an image of perfection in our head based on social media or what others tell us. When we see that our reality does not conform to those standards, we feel different. This feeling aggravates our inferiority complex and makes us feel unworthy of success and appreciation. So when our hard work and skills earn us any achievement, we start doubting it which makes us feel like a fraud.

You may know somebody who feels this way. Just know… it’s normal. You are not alone. Every other person feels it, only they don’t show it. Keep working on yourself and address your deeper insecurities. You deserve every success in life, just go out there and claim it.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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