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“I have a task to finish, I better get started on that”

“But wait! I still have a week to go until the deadline. Let me play a game on my phone and check my Instagram”

“It’s already 1 am, and I am so tired. Moreover, the doctors say you should get proper sleep”

“I will get started on my task tomorrow. I will not waste any time”

And just like that starts a never-ending pattern of procrastination. I am sure, all of you would relate to the above conversation with yourself. Maybe today!

What is procrastination?

The habit of postponing important tasks for the sake of leisure or distractions is called procrastination. Now, one thing is for sure, we all know that we are doing it but somehow choose to be ignorant about it. In fact, even before writing this post about procrastinating, I procrastinated for 1 week.

Sometimes tasks pile up, everything becomes so overwhelming that you don’t see how you would be able to accomplish it. Assuming that this state would last forever, we don’t even give that a start. We are so scared to lose or come across a dead-end that we start using procrastination as a shield to avoid uncomfortable circumstances and we are not even aware of it.

This week is going to be about procrastination. Each day I will post one blog based on my research on the topic of procrastination that will include – why do we procrastinate? how to overcome it? relation between self-worth and procrastination etc.

Looking forward to hearing your views on this.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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