Imposter Syndrome

Imagine… what it would be like if one day you wake up and see yourself in the body of someone else, maybe your spouse, or, best friend. How would you feel? You might have a lot of exciting things to do at first but eventually, you will get exhausted. You will be tired of pretending.Continue reading “Imposter Syndrome”

Superiority Complex

Have you ever seen somebody trying to exhibit confidence on purpose to put others down? If you have then you would know that these people live in a bubble assuming themselves to be superior to other people. It is not their confidence because it is not rooted in one’s growth and struggle. It is veryContinue reading “Superiority Complex”

7 questions to ask yourself -Inferiority complex

It is very easy to judge somebody else but when it comes to ourselves, making a judgment becomes the hardest thing. More importantly, acknowledging and accepting one’s insecurities is the hardest of all. Here are 7 questions that will help you in making the judgment easier: Question 1- How do you see fear and whatContinue reading “7 questions to ask yourself -Inferiority complex”

Signs that you are dealing with inferiority complex

With observation and experience, I have learned one thing, the way a person talks and behaves is more about their perspective and internal conflicts and has very little to do with you. Often we come across people whom we perceive to be rude, overconfident, insensitive, and narcissistic. Most of the time, their attitude is aContinue reading “Signs that you are dealing with inferiority complex”

Inferiority Complex

Ever since childhood, I was chubby. Although it looked cute when I was a kid, when I entered my teenage years, I started perceiving that trait as a flaw in me. To add to that no friend of mine ever missed a chance to point that to me. I tried… I tried hard not toContinue reading “Inferiority Complex”