Stress Management (A Dilemma)

In the past few months, the world is living in a state of dilemma. A dilemma which is affecting mostly old age and the children.

We all know that mental well-being requires a person to move around a little, breathe fresh air and whenever possible try staying close to nature. In the pre-covid era, the society parks were active in the morning and evening with children playing and the aged people walking and socializing.

But… the circumstances have now changed.

We are stuck in a dilemma where if we are going out, we are risking our physical well being and if we stay in, we are risking our mental well-being.

Children attending online classes all day, sitting in a chair all day in front of a laptop is not alright. Even in their spare time, they are either watching a movie or engage in social media. Similarly, the aged people either watch television all day or feel lonely and bored at home, since the other members of the family are either working all day or attending online classes. This again makes them cranky and puts their mental health at risk.

Here are a few tips to deal with the situation.

  1. Try engaging them in a hobby that gives them a chance and also provides for an emotional outlet. This could be a little exercise, cooking, sewing, etc.
  2. Try having your meals together. This will help the elderly get over their boredom and children to get a break from their laptops. Try discussing some old memories that remind them of a beautiful past and fill them with hope for the future.
  3. Make them do a little gardening or get some fresh air either on a terrace or balcony each day to give them a sense of being around nature.
  4. Try convincing them to reduce their screen time as much as possible. This is very essential as higher levels of screen time not only boost depression but also lowers one’s ability to read emotions.
  5. Last but not the least, be as positive and excited as you can around them. The negative news and social media can sometimes be very overwhelming. Make sure the environment at home does not add to it.

These are just a few suggestions, Let me know if you have any more suggestions in the comment section.

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Three Kinds of people in the journey of Growth

What is the factor that motivates you to embark upon a journey of growth and success?

In my observation and experience, there are three kinds of people. This classification excludes the people who are completely de-motivated and have no interest in the growth of any kind. The other three people are:

  1. People who want to be successful but neither do they know what they want to do nor do they put any effort to figure that out. These people have heard all their lives that success is very important and have seen that people are so satisfied when they are successful. They just know they want it.
  2. The second category involves people who want to be successful but the reason for their motivation is either to earn money or live a life where they can take a break anytime they want. As it is evident from their desires, they want to become successful for the sake of their good and comfort. This endeavor doesn’t last for long as it is all about them. It is hard to say no to the happiness and comfort that they are getting today for the sake of happiness and comfort that lies in the womb of the future.
  3. The third category involves people who want to be successful to bring a change in the society they are living in. Although they know this journey would attract fame and money, it is not their prime focus. It is just a bi-product of their success. Their real happiness lies in the feeling that their endeavor has touched and changed millions of lives. Since their endeavor was bigger than them, their urge for happiness and comfort does not break them. This also makes them unable to give up on their dreams.

In the above three categories, the third category has a great probability of success as they keep going on until their mission is accomplished. Then they shoot for even bigger stars.

Which category do you fall in?

Push Yourself

I have started a gratitude diary and it’s just been two days that I have started writing in it.

Every day I write:

  • 5 things that I am grateful for in life
  • 5 traits or attributes that I admire in myself
  • 5 tasks that I want to accomplish today
  • 5 traits or attributes that I want to improve in myself
  • 5 new things that I learned today

This ‘5 things’ practice has helped me to a great extent in keeping track of my work and has helped me improve a lot. This practice has proved to be very efficient.


No matter how effective practice maybe, at some point you will feel the urge to go back to your previous ineffective routine. It will keep on coming to you until you make your new and effective initiative, your second nature.

Every time the inside voice tries to pull you back into the comfort zone luring you, stand up against it for yourself. It will be hard in the beginning, but the future that it holds is worth this effort. You will thank yourself for taking a stand for yourself against yourself.

Keep pushing, you are almost there. Don’t give up! The world is waiting for its future leader.  

First step

“A thousand-mile journey starts with one step ”

Have you visited or even seen pictures of the Taj Mahal? Isn’t it beautiful?

Do you know it took about 22 years and almost 20,000 workers to construct this colossal monument?

This 22-year journey involving a lot of hard work started by placing one small brick on the ground. When that process continued for 22 years, it led to the construction of this monument, which is admired even four centuries after its construction.

We come up with such ideas on daily basis, while sitting on a chair in the office, or, while sitting on the back seat during a boring class. But why is it that our ideas don’t yield similar results?
It is obvious! We don’t take action to implement our ideas. We do come up with great ideas from time to time. But soon we realize the amount of work and time it would take to make that idea a reality. Overwhelmed by our analysis, we decide to give up and move on with our daily routine.

How many times has that happened to you?

We all know that good thing takes time. Also, any initiative yields result only when it is nurtured with consistency, persistence, and hard work. Our craving for overnight success and resistance towards hard work makes us ignore the seeds of success in our heads. Sooner or later, the required actions are taken by somebody else who then gets to reap the fruits of the seeds which were once sowed in your head.

Even though the amount of work may be huge, but baby steps taken daily with the final goal in mind will one day take you to your destination.

Think about it, what is your resistance costing you?

Victim Thinking

Remember when you were late to the office, or you were scolded for making a mistake in your work, or anything else of a similar kind?

What was your instant reaction?

Did your inner voice tell you how it was not your mistake as there was too much traffic on road today or too many distractions in the office? Did it tell you how you were helpless because of the above-stated reasons and that it was normal to make mistakes?

If it did then you too are under an influence of a parasite known as victim thinking. When you read the word ‘victim’, observe the kind of image your mind forms. You imagine an innocent-looking person, helpless and maybe weak too, and has been through a lot of atrocities. You imagine a figure who is pleading for help and justice from society.

You do feel sorry for such a person, but, do you want to be perceived like one?

I surely would not! I want people to admire me and not feel sorry for me.

Unfortunately, this is how almost 50% of people would react when they come across any complaint or criticism. They start playing blame games by trying to shift the blame on the other person or circumstances. They refrain from taking any responsibility and address the issue to protect their so-called public image.

When we come across a complaint or criticism, it draws our attention to our weak links. For example, in the above cases, traffic is not predictable, so… we should have started early and planned our journey keeping that in mind. Similarly, if there are many distractions in your workplace, then you figure out a way to increase your focus, but get the work done. The moment our attention is drawn to weak links, our focus should be to address those weak links. The more you will grow, the more will be the success that you will attract. Let that success defend or better, recreate your public image.

When you try to defend your public image by playing the victim card to hide your weak links, what you put at stake is your real success and growth.

Is it worth it?