Thought leads to Personality

‘Mind is everything, what you think is what you become’- Buddha

This is a very famous quote said by Lord Buddha. This simply means that everything that we think about determines how we finally turn out to be. But how does this work? And more importantly, how can we apply in our daily lives? Most of us would have heard people saying That a man’s true nature can easily be judged by his choices and the kind of people he hangs out with. Also, most of us agree to it. But why is this so?

Maybe because the kind of people we hang out with, influences our thought process to a great extent. Also, we are attracted to the people who think like us. Whatever the case may be, our thought has a great impact on our personality.

How does this work?

When we constantly think about something, it eventually starts molding our perception. We come across various kinds of information and experiences, and we are deeply touched by some of them and ignore the others. This preference of mind mainly depends upon the track in which it is set on. This track is further influenced by what we are feeding our minds in terms of thoughts. It is very clear that our thoughts greatly influence how we perceive the world around us. Now we all know that a person who is brought up in a loving, caring, and secure environment grows up to be like that and a person who is brought up in a family, where there are constant conflicts, develops a negative character. Similarly, our perception creates the world we live in. two people can perceive the same situation in different ways and the way they perceive determines the way they react to it. When this thought- perception-action cycle continuous for some time, you become habitual to it and this becomes your very nature. The seed of thought that you sowed in your mind yielded a fruit that became your personality.

How we can apply it in our lives?

We need to understand that it is our responsibility to feed our mind with good and positive thoughts. No matter how worse the situation gets, Our will power is the ray of hope and we are the charioteer of our life. We have to guide ourselves out of negative situations. As a charioteer, the control we yield over our lives is in the form of our thoughts.

After all, Good thoughts lead to a healthy body and good thoughts lead to a healthy mind.

Power of Visualization

“Losers visualize the penalties of failure, winners visualize the rewards of success”- William S. Gilbert

The above quote by William Gilbert explains a lot about why some people succeed and others fail. We all are born alike. Nobody is born intelligent or stupid. Nobody is born passionate. Nobody is born strong and weak. These are the traits we develop over some time. But if we compare a successful person with a person who failed we see a clear distinction?

In most of the cases, a successful person is always motivated towards his goal. He forms a picture describing his success and lives it every second of his life. Consequently, things start falling into the right place sooner or later, everything works out according to their plan, which the others assume to be a coincidence or their luck. On the other hand, a person who failed to achieve his goals used to be scared and unsure during his journey. He used to spend more time imagining the consequences of his failure. He felt incompetent and that he was not good enough for success. When such a person comes face to face with his real battle, he gives up early and ends up losing the battle.

In a book called “Your invisible power”, Genevieve Behrand talks about this phenomena and establishes how one can achieve anything in life by harnessing this power of their subconscious mind. Nature and mind work in mysterious ways. Understanding this can help one achieve wonders. We need to understand that we too are a progeny of this nature. Though we look for separate, we still are connected to it. It’s exactly like a tree. Nature manifests itself in various forms such as human beings, animals, plants, and environment, etc just like the trunk of a tree that bifurcates into various branches. When we strongly believe in something, our subconscious mind sends out vibrations to nature. With a stronger belief, these vibrations grow stronger day by day. As a result of this signal, things start falling into the right place as required by us. The success of these phenomena entirely depends upon the strength of the vibrations sent out by the subconscious mind and thereby, our belief in something.

Now, we may come across situations, where two individuals harnessing their powers of subconscious mind demand contradicting things from nature. Under such circumstances, a person with a stronger belief wins. This also means that we have to be very careful about what we think. If our mind is not controlled and used in the right way, it may even pave the way for our destruction. We have to train our minds in a way that we think positively. All our thoughts in some way pave way for our future. Whether it is a path of success or failure depends upon us.

As said in the Bible, ‘Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you”.

Living in the present

‘Past is history, future is a mystery’, this is a quote well known to most of us which explain our scenario of life. In our everyday life, we come across two kinds of people.

One is the kind who is greatly impacted by some specific incidents of life. They take the pain or excitement associated with that particular incident and make that the basis of their present stage of life. For example, if a person fails at something important to him, he will carry a sense of failure and embarrassment along with him and be scared of trying in the future. The second is the kind who lives in the future. This person visualizes the future and lives in it. He lives a life of dream.

Both the above kinds escape the present by living in the past and future. As a result, they miss on the precious moments and the chances, life offers them. In the book ‘The Power of Now’, Eckhart Tolle has beautifully explained this, using a story of a beggar and a stranger. In this story, he talks about a beggar who begged daily sitting on a box with a cap in his hand. One day he met a stranger and begged him for some money. The stranger shrugged as he was poor and had nothing to give to him. But out of curiosity, he asked the beggar about the box which he was sitting on. To this, the beggar replied that he had never bothered to open the box before but now decided to open and look into it. To his amazement, he found the box filled with gold coins.

The beggar spent many years of his life begging and living a terrible life when he always had the wealth with him. This was because he never looked inside the box. Just like the beggar, we forgo everything that life offers us in the present when we start living in the past or the future.

What is meant by living in the present? 

Is it really bad to think about the future or learn from our past experiences?

Living in the present simply means being mindful of your every activity. It is about feeling your very presence at every moment you live. It is so unfortunate that in our fast-moving life, we work so hard for ourselves, to achieve our goals but fail to appreciate when it comes because we are so disconnected from our presence. Living in the present makes you find peace and happiness in your existence. It is at that moment that we realize that whatever we were looking for throughout our life was always there within us.

Nobody can change the past or correctly know the future. Planning for the future is good as long as we realize that life is what is in the present. Just planning for the future while disregarding your present is not sensible as the future or past cannot be lived, they can only be visualized.

Life lies in the present

Factors that corrupt the mind

The mind is the most powerful weapon possessed by one. When handled correctly and efficiently, it can do wonders. But like any other weapon, it is very important to understand it, or, else it will harm you.

What is a corrupt mind?

The corrupt mind is one that has lost its reasoning and presence of mind. Throughout your life, you come across challenging situations, which can only be resolved using one’s presence of mind and common sense. But these aspects are corrupted due to the following factors, which then disrupt your sense of judgment and you tend to make wrong decisions.

Factors that corrupt mind 

Ego is a state of mind, in which one cannot tolerate and accept anything against themselves. The person becomes blind towards his weakness instead of fixing it. As a result, he never grows. He keeps on nurturing his false assumed reputation. Eventually, it handicaps his sense of judgment and perception and thereby his decision-making abilities. Finally, it leads to his downfall.

  1. Uncontrolled emotions

Emotions are an integral part of one’s life. Every incident in our life and every piece of information we come across produces an emotional response within us. But some situations impact us so deeply and produce an uncontrollable emotion of love, anger, jealousy, wants, etc. Such emotions capture all our attention and hamper our ‘presence of mind’. We get swayed by certain emotions and tend to make wrong decisions just to make ourselves feel better.

Though we need not become robotic and get rid of emotions altogether but we definitely need to keep our emotions under control.

  1. Wrong Influences

Last but not the least, the kind of influences we receive from our surrounding impacts to a great extent our thought process and priorities in life. A mind that is set on the wrong track by wrong external influences will always use its potential to achieve the wrong goals. Wrong goals always lead to the path of destruction.

For example, In the Mahabharata, the character of Karna is depicted as a brave warrior and a righteous person. In spite of being condemned by the entire society for belonging to a lower caste, he always believed in giving and doing the right thing and took pride in it. The influence of Duryodhana, made him use his powers for the wrong thing, and ultimately, it proved to be destructive for him. In spite of knowing and realizing the truth, he fought for the wrong side. Such is the impact of the wrong influence. Sometimes it paralyzes you to an extent that, you don’t even see the right thing.

In some way or the other ego, uncontrolled emotion, and wrong influence are the major factors that corrupt one’s mind and lead to their downfall.

Theories and Facts

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact”- Sherlock Holmes

The human mind never stops working. We tend to accept and analyze every piece of information we come across. As a consequence of this tendency and the values passed down to us by society, we have formed various theories in life. These theories further guide our perceptions.

But do these theories and perceptions ever deceive us?

The human mind works in mysterious ways. It tends to be selective in using theories to make itself feel better. But when we become too rigid with our theories, problems arise. When theories become too rigid, the mind can no longer accept anything against it that easily. Whenever it senses any kind of threat, it sticks to the theories it has developed. These theories further guide our perception in the way we want to see it. But in some cases these theories trick us and we stop seeing the reality. Eventually, we end up in a state of denial.

For example:

Nowadays, teenagers are greatly influenced by various T.V shows, movies, and stories, etc. that propagate the idea of true love in a very dramatic way. Sometimes these shows and stories depict scenarios that are far from real. It is not that true love does not exist in real life but the dramatic way in which it is portrayed in movies and stories and the way it is concluded is far from reality. Eventually, these influence us making us form theories that are far away from reality. Sooner or later, these theories manifest themselves as perceptions. We start experiencing a world of imagination. But when this cloud of perception passes away, we start seeing the reality again. In many cases, the reality reveals itself in a very harsh way and we end up with a lot of negativity within us.

Facts or theories?

When the human mind sticks to one theory, it reacts only to the facts that support the theories and discard the opposing facts as ‘unrelated’ or ‘coincidence’. The supporting facts strengthen the theory even more with each passing day, thereby weakening the ability of the mind to see the reality. This is how we end up with a paralyzed mind and act stupid. Correct perception is one that is based on facts regarding the existing situation. If the facts are correct, they form a perception that enables us to form a clear picture of the situation and we tend to react reasonably.

It is important to note that both theories and facts are important to understand the real picture. Without theories, one’s mind is lost in the pool of information. Theories act as a glue that binds the facts together. The right way is to use theories after receiving and completely understanding the facts. Such theories help understand the situation in greater depth.