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Strength and Weakness

“Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness” – Susan Gale

Your life is your battlefield in which your strength is your weapon and your weakness is the loophole of your defeat. A good warrior is one who is well aware of his weapons and loopholes. Often, we get into a state of denial towards our weakness. Instead of attending to them, we deny their existence. If somebody else utilizes it before you, they can use it against you. Your ignorance in order to feel perfect costs you big stakes in life.

It is important to understand that nobody is perfect. Every person grows up to develop a set of flaws and strengths. Life is nothing but a battlefield where you constantly fight your weakness using your strengths. But like in any war, it is very important to understand your weapons and the enemy.

What is your strength?

Strength is any trait of yours that helps you deal with the challenges in life. These are the traits that you are aware and confident. These traits may be your confidence, positivity, presence of mind, etc. It is always an internal aspect. It is a trait that is completely under your control. Your dependence on any external factor, a person, or material cannot be categorized as a strength as external factors are not under your control. It is merely a weakness in disguise. Strength is what is within you.

What is your weakness?

Your weakness is any trait of yours that you are not aware of. These are the traits that you are not confident about and stay in a state of denial towards it in order to make yourself feel better. It is that aspect of yours that you did not explore until now. The majority of people do not prefer looking at a side of theirs that distort their image of being perfect. The problem arises when other people notice your denial and start using it against you. In order to demoralize you, they bring up conversations and create situations that deal with that trait of yours. It reduces your productivity and generates a sense of failure within you. Eventually, you end up losing many battles of life. This denial arises out of the false pride that we portray in front the society. It arises because we spend all our time covering our weaknesses instead of attending to it.

It’s time that we accept that human beings are not perfect. It’s ok to have traits that you are yet to explore. It only becomes your weakness when you go into a state of denial. Life is a process that involves constant evolution. There always be something to work on. You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to make sure you constantly evolve. It’s only these small baby steps that make a person successful.

Self Love and Real Happiness

“You, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

There was once a girl, innocent and true by heart. She always kept dreaming about that one guy who will make her feel complete, and who would love her to death. One day she met somebody. That ‘someone’ made great promises and loved her as much as was possible. She was thrilled as all her dreams came true. She poured everything into the relationship. But her happiness was short-lived. Soon everything changed. That, someone, had left. As much as she wanted she could not stop him. This incident left her heartbroken. She felt desperate, needy, wanted somebody to lend her their shoulders to cry on but unfortunately, by then, she lost her tendency to trust. It felt like she was liked in a dark room forever, from where there was no exit. This is the story of a soft, loving heart transforming into a piece of rock.

The majority of us would relate to the girl in some way. Most of us have gone through this bitter phase of life, where we lose somebody dear to us. Not always is the other person wrong. Sometimes, it’s merely the cruelty of the situation that separates us. The pain becomes unbearable.

But why?

This was mainly because throughout our life we expected somebody else to fulfill our craving of love. In return, we did the same for them. We forgot that we should be our topmost priority and responsibility. Instead of expecting somebody’s approval and wait for somebody else to make us feel better and beautiful, we should do it for ourselves. When such devotion is shown towards self, it leads to what is known as ‘self-love’.

Self Love v/s Obsession

Many people confuse self-obsession with self-love. Self-obsession is feeling that you are ‘the best’. With this feeling, you tend to ignore all your flaws and focus only on good traits. This stops one from growing. On the contrary ‘Self-love’ is accepting oneself with all the flaws and working on them. It always leads to the path of growth.

Self Love and True Happiness

Love is always known to make one feel happy. But as long as we are dependent on somebody else to fulfill our requirements, we also have a sense of fear- fear of losing them. Happiness generated by such love makes us feel weak at times and it may or may not be long-lasting. On the other hand, in the case of self-love, there is no fear of losing. The very source of love lies within us. This everlasting sense of happiness becomes our biggest strength.

The girl in the story finally understood the true meaning of self-love. She found that ‘someone’ was always within her. It was she. If you too ever crave for ‘someone’ to love you and understand you, go and stand in front of a mirror. You will find your ‘someone’ too.

Decision Making

Ever been in a state of confusion? or, making the right decision seems like the hardest thing to do? The art of decision making is the most difficult art to perfect.

Often we come across situations when it feels like we are standing on a cross- junction, from where, diverge two contradicting pathways. Our mind guides us towards one and our heart guides us towards the other and we stand there in the middle, completely helpless, looking for a wise, experienced person to come and guide us through. This contradiction arises due to the different perspectives that our mind sees. The art of decision making involves two major factors: information regarding the information, and, sense of judgment.

Information regarding the situation

It plays a major role in decision making. But since it is a perspective based world, the information the mind perceives and the way it is processed is different for everybody. Often, we get influenced by other people’s perceptions and act according to their suggestions. If this happens with you, it means that you are leading your life under somebody else’s control. Though it may seem very assuring at first, in the long run, it can get you in some serious trouble. Remember life is a game in which we are supposed to understand the real question and then look for its answer. It is a different question for everybody and only the concerned person can figure out the right answer. Getting to know other people’s views is important but only to broaden our perception. It always has to be our understanding of the situation.

Sense of judgment 

Finally, it all comes down to our sense of judgment. Often we come across circumstances, where our mind and heart guide us on varying routes. Coming down to a conclusion becomes very difficult. Such situations should be handled from a third-person perspective. Every person has 3 levels of perception within him- first person, second person, and third person. As we know, in any dispute, the third person is always supposed to be neutral and logical. Similarly, in any conflicting situation, judging the situation as a third person with the information gathered as a first-person leads to a better decision. At first, it can be very difficult but eventually, it makes the process of decision making very effective.

Life is a tricky game. At times you win and at times you lose. We can only give our best. But it is better to live your life on your terms than living it according to somebody else. With a broad vision and a good sense of judgment, life can become very easy.


The world treats everybody differently. It is kind towards one section of society and insanely brutal towards the other. Not everybody is offered the same level of opportunities. This is the harsh truth beyond our control. But we all are blessed with extraordinary power. That makes us deal with all the misfortunes. This power is called the ‘Power of Positivity’.

Positivity is the energy within us which makes us see the positive aspects of the situation. Every situation has a positive and a negative side. The positive side paves way for further growth and the negative side pose challenges which when overcome makes you capable of walking on the respective path of growth. Unfortunately, most of us focus on the negative side, thereby stop growing and become stagnant. This is because we lack positivity. A positive person would instead focus on the positive aspects of even the worst possible situations and cling on to them. They would consider the problem as a challenge rather than a restriction. These are the people that succeed and become an inspiration to other people.

The Chain of Positivity and Negativity
When a person is treated in a way that makes them feel negative, it disturbs and frustrates them. They tend to get angry, irritated, and at times distressed. Many of us start playing blame games, get into a state of denial, and end up forming a negative perspective about life and society. As a result, we start giving out negatives vibes and ourselves get trapped in a cloud of negativity. This is exactly how a tainted window works. The person observing the world through a tainted window will see the taint in every image he sees. For such people life becomes hell. Unfortunately, this problem is contagious.

A negative person interacts with society in a negative way sending out negative vibes. Eventually, it starts influencing the people surrounding him. And thereon starts a chain of negativity that spreads in the society like a viral. Eventually, it starts influencing the well being of society.
But guess what! so is the case with positivity. A positive person is equally capable of influencing people and uplifting society.

It is just a matter of decision. A decision that will just take a second. Ask yourself whether you want to be an ‘asset’ or a liability to society. You can contribute to your personal growth and the welfare of society by sowing the seeds of positive thoughts within you. However little may it seem, it is the beginning of a happy and healthy society.

Requirements of the Self

The human system is composed of three components: mind, heart, and soul. The mind perceives and deals with the analytical aspects, the heart deals with emotions and the soul manages the two. In this ever-changing world, these three components evolve continuously but at a different pace. The system receives all kinds of information, some necessary and some unnecessary, some are good and some are bad for the system. This article deals with the ways one is supposed to deal with these components.

Mind, as we all know feeds on the information it receives in the form of facts and influences. These influences further affect our emotions. From the ocean of information, we should choose wisely, what kind of information we really need. Not all the information available in the world be targeted. This merely clutters the mind and is of no use to you. Though we don’t have full control over the information we get, we should have control over the impact it makes on us. Every piece of information has two sides from the perspective of the individual receiving it- positive side and negative side. Emphasizing on the positive aspect while considering the negative side as a mere challenge and not restriction paves way for growth, whereas complaining about the problems, makes you negative. This is the point in the life of a person that makes or breaks him. Only people, who can manage to do this, can have a sorted mind and thereby, be more productive.
The world around us moves at a higher pace compared to the world inside us. To maintain balance, we tend to analyze everything and ignore our feelings. The key to a healthy heart is feeling and expressing the emotions that erupt in it due to the mind’s perception. Not always is it possible to express the emotions at that very moment, but one has to let go of these emotions as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will be backed up within us and manifest themselves in the form of frustration and irritation at later stages. By then we would have forgotten their real cause would be incapable of doing anything about it. They will reduce our productivity and disturb our peace of mind.

Remember, we work hard to live a happy and satisfactory life. In the end, if we are not happy, no amount of external success makes any sense.
The last component soul is the entity that owns the human system that uses mind and heart as it’s resources to understand the external world. Nothing much can be said, the soul can only be realized when spirituality is explored in depth. All that the soul wants is permanent satisfaction. This satisfaction is mainly achieved when you do the things that feel right to you. Selfless and good activities like serving others, helping the needy, being polite, speaking the truth, etc. generate an enormous amount of satisfaction. After all real happiness lies in being satisfied with who you are.

One needs to accept themselves the way they are and work towards building a better self by feeding the mind, heart, and soul in the right way. These are your weapons and only a healthy weapon can ensure success in life.