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Art of Living

‘A good half of the art of living is Resilience ’– Alain de Boton This quote of the Swiss philosopher Alain de Botton defines all our lives in two lines. Here is an interesting story. Amidst the ruins of World War 1, there was a boy who dared enough to dream. When he returned fromContinue reading “Art of Living”

Power of Visualization

“Losers visualize the penalties of failure, winners visualize the rewards of success”- William S. Gilbert The above quote by William Gilbert explains a lot about why some people succeed and others fail. We all are born alike. Nobody is born intelligent or stupid. Nobody is born passionate. Nobody is born strong and weak. These areContinue reading “Power of Visualization”

Multiple Perspectives

“ Every coin has two sides”, this is something we must have heard several times in our lives. We also come across several instances in our lives, which completely break us apart. Everything falls apart. Things don’t happen according to our plan. We don’t understand what is going on and we start to see everythingContinue reading “Multiple Perspectives”