Key Components of Self-Development

We talk about Self awareness and self-development all the time. Every book on growth and mindset talks about self-development. Self- Development is a conscious process of improving oneself in various aspects of life. The ultimate goal of self-development is to attain your full potential and live a fulfilled, happy life. Key components of self-development are:Continue reading “Key Components of Self-Development”

3 Questions to ask yourself

Are you struggling with your passion right now? Let’s go back to our school days. Remember the time when you were truly fascinated by a subject or topic, but, your teachers and parents told you that it has no scope and to focus on your studies? Or, the time when you consistently scored high inContinue reading “3 Questions to ask yourself”

Know what to know

“Knowledge is power” I am sure, most of us have been taught this in the school. It has been made very clear to us that attaining knowledge is very crucial for a person who wants to succeed. But, rarely people talk about what to know. World is an ocean of information. If you don’t learnContinue reading “Know what to know”

Reasons for NOT WORKING on Personal Development.

We all live busy lives. All our time goes into activities necessary for sustenance and earning a living. Spending time on our personality, sometimes sounds too tedious. Who has the time, right? Well here are a few reasons for not devoting time to one’s personal development. When you spend time on personal development, you mightContinue reading “Reasons for NOT WORKING on Personal Development.”

A friend or a Foe?

The crowd is watching you. All the lights are on you. The moment for which you had worked so hard is finally here. “Will I be able to do this?” you asked “You are very scared. What if you make a mistake? What if the other people laugh at you?” replied your friend “So manyContinue reading “A friend or a Foe?”

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