Progress or Perfection ?

Beep… Beep… It was my mobile. I received a text from one of my friends who was struggling with her work life. She wants to become a poet, but unfortunately, is caught up in the middle of a tug of war between survival and passion. I advised her to start working on her Instagram pageContinue reading “Progress or Perfection ?”

Stress Management (A Dilemma)

In the past few months, the world is living in a state of dilemma. A dilemma which is affecting mostly old age and the children. We all know that mental well-being requires a person to move around a little, breathe fresh air and whenever possible try staying close to nature. In the pre-covid era, theContinue reading “Stress Management (A Dilemma)”

Three Kinds of people in the journey of Growth

What is the factor that motivates you to embark upon a journey of growth and success? In my observation and experience, there are three kinds of people. This classification excludes the people who are completely de-motivated and have no interest in the growth of any kind. The other three people are: People who want toContinue reading “Three Kinds of people in the journey of Growth”

First step

“A thousand-mile journey starts with one step ” Have you visited or even seen pictures of the Taj Mahal? Isn’t it beautiful? Do you know it took about 22 years and almost 20,000 workers to construct this colossal monument? This 22-year journey involving a lot of hard work started by placing one small brick onContinue reading “First step”

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