Secrecy of Dreams

“Steam that makes the whistle blow, will not make the engine go”- Napoleon Hill (Good as Gold) When I was a little girl, I was very enthusiastic about my future. I kept on planning my future and used to discuss it with every soul I could spot. One day, while I was discussing it withContinue reading “Secrecy of Dreams”

Identifying the right milestone

As we know, every journey comprises of a range of milestones. This is also true for your journey to success. Our journey to success is filled with a variety of milestones, some of them offer success and others offer failure. This unpredictability makes it very difficult to choose the right milestone. As I had alreadyContinue reading “Identifying the right milestone”

Game of Life

“Life is 10% of what you make it and 90% of how you take it”- Anonymous Life is the most confusing journey to understand. Filled with many thrilling milestones and the absence of any rules and limitation makes it very interesting. Some, who understand the game, excel at it, and become someone who we lookContinue reading “Game of Life”

Do Before you Die

“The purpose of life is live life with a purpose” We all are different people with varying beliefs, attitudes, and approach towards life. But one thing is common- we all want to be successful. Right? Interestingly, the factors that are stopping all of us from being successful are also the same namely, fear, procrastination, lackContinue reading “Do Before you Die”

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