Dealing with Success and Failure

Success should not go to your head and failure should not be left in your heart Anonymous Our life is like a journey where different situations represent different stations where you either pick up success or failure from your experiences. This is general for everybody. All our lives are made up of small successes andContinue reading “Dealing with Success and Failure”

Defeat the real enemy

1 Tree can make 1000 matches, but one match can burn 1000 trees Are you alright? Is your life exactly the way you want it to be? If not, then there is one thing that you should try. For the next 7 days, make sure you think positively about the area of life whereContinue reading “Defeat the real enemy”

Most difficult part of the Journey

Have you ever wondered what is the most difficult thing to do in the life of a person? Ask yourself, what is the hardest part for you? For me, the hardest thing to do is to start. Before starting blogging, I spent 6 months only thinking about it, to be more precise, procrastinating. It tookContinue reading “Most difficult part of the Journey”

Your dreams are waiting for you

“Choice, not circumstances define your success” I would like to share a life story of a personality that I read about last week – WC Fields, “William Claude Dunkenfield, better known as WC Fields, was an American comedian, actor, juggler, and writer. During the depression, WC Fields lost all his money and found himself withoutContinue reading “Your dreams are waiting for you”

Be a commander, not a soldier

“Your mind is a battlefield. Be its commander, not its soldier” Anonymous Ever since I was a child, I have been hearing the benefits of meditating, controlling my thoughts. Inspired by that and a few guided meditations by ‘ThoughtsnLifeBlog’, I started meditating every day for 15- 20 minutes. Initially, it was a struggle for me.Continue reading “Be a commander, not a soldier”

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