Appreciating Life

“An appreciation of what you have brings the ultimate abundance in your life “- Debashish Mridha ( Goodreads) One morning, when I was scrolling through my messages when I happened to receive a link from one of my friends. He volunteered in an NGO and used to send me many such cases where people of weaker sections were being exploited. The link he sent me was … Continue reading Appreciating Life

Importance of Hobbies and Passion

‘People with many interests live, not only the longest but the happiest ’- George Mathew Allen What do you think about all day? Earning money, fulfilling responsibilities, getting good grades, or, some other target? Out of 24 hours a day, eight hours are spent sleeping and eight hours working for a living. Out of the remaining eight hours, some time is consumed in daily chores and … Continue reading Importance of Hobbies and Passion

Child within You

“We nurture our creativity   When we nurture our inner child   Let it run and roam free   It will take you on a brighter journey”- Serina Hartwell This beautiful quote by Serina Hartwell took me back into a world of memories where I met a little girl. She was around twelve years old. With gleamy eyes and excited face, she was watching her favorite cartoon. As … Continue reading Child within You