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4 Pillars of Confidence

How many times, have we craved the confidence and boldness of talking to others or expressing ourselves without any fear? We do admire people who are confident enough to pursue what they want in life, and secretly… we wish to be like them. Isn’t it true? These people, when they walk into a room, instantlyContinue reading “4 Pillars of Confidence”

Characteristics of a rational mind

When we are on a battleground, isn’t the weapon the most important thing? Obviously, it is! It is ‘the thing that will decide our fate. Similarly, in life, the mind is a weapon and the most essential thing. It is what helps us steer through the storms of life and help us make rational andContinue reading “Characteristics of a rational mind”

5 traits of a leader

If there is anything that decides the fate of the society more than everything else, it is the leadership. Whenever a person goes through a phase of turmoil in life, it is his general instinct to look for someone who can guide him and lead him. More importantly, it is only during the rough phasesContinue reading “5 traits of a leader”

Mental Conditioning

A wise man once said, ‘What you think is what you see, what you see is how you act, and, how you act determines what you become’ Conditioning is like a tinted glass through which we are seeing the world, through which we perceive the facts. When the conditioning is growth-oriented, we see opportunities forContinue reading “Mental Conditioning”

Skill Enhancement

“A winner is someone who recognizes his god-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses those skills to accomplish his goal”- Larry Bird Your skills are those weapons through which you navigate through life. These skills are again of two types: General skills Specific skills  General skills- These are the skillsContinue reading “Skill Enhancement”