Things happen for you

Ever since you gained consciousness and understanding of the external world, you were made to believe that you are a victim. Everything that happens influences you. Mostly these influences are perceived negatively. But ask yourself. Is that true? Are you a victim? Now, wait! Before you rush into any conclusion, let’s try another approach. WhatContinue reading “Things happen for you”

Seeds of Reality

“Nothing happens until first a dream”- Carl Sandburg When I was a kid I always wondered how this world came into existence and what will happen to all of us after this world is destroyed. The mere thought that at some point people stop existing made me very uncomfortable. Slowly and gradually, while growing up,Continue reading “Seeds of Reality”

Master of your Life

“You are the master of your fate and captain of your soul”– Henry Ford Before talking about the quote I would like to tell you a story about a man who said this quote. Many years ago when Ford wanted to introduce the V 8 motor, he wanted to build the engine with all 8Continue reading “Master of your Life”


“It’s not the words of your intentions that manifest your reality, it’s the vibration of the energy of your intentions that attracts” – The law of In a spiritual sense, when energy becomes real, it is referred to as manifestation. Yesterday I was listening to a Mind valley master class by Michael Beckwith, founderContinue reading “Manifestation”