Correction or Encouragement

Correction does much but encouragement does more. Two days ago while I was scrolling down Instagram, I saw a post shared by one of my friends on her story. It was about an African tribe. It said that in that tribe, whenever a person committed a crime, he was taken to the center of theContinue reading “Correction or Encouragement”

Be Mindful of your Presence

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it”- Sharon Saltzberg We all are conscious beings and are supposed to know what we do. So far everything seems OK. Now, let’s engage in an exercise. Try and focus only on yourself. Just watch out for your emotional response, actions, reactions, and thought process. DuringContinue reading “Be Mindful of your Presence”

Self- Talk

“Self Talk is the most powerful form of communication because it either empowers or defeats you “ – Wright Thuston A very bold quotation by Mr. Wright Thuston which when understood correctly, will make a lot of difference in your life and change your perspective entirely. But how will a simple talk do this? Just imagineContinue reading “Self- Talk”