The Book of Life

Here’s an interesting story from Dr. Joseph Murphy’s ‘ The Power of your Subconscious mind’.  A woman aged 75 was in a habit of saying to herself, ‘I am losing my memory. She reversed the procedure and practiced induced autosuggestion several times a day as follows. “My memory from today on is improving in every department. I shall always remember whatever I need to know … Continue reading The Book of Life

Abundance Conscious-2

Abundance Consciousness means becoming aware of the existence of abundance, of feeling it in your life and connecting with it- In the previous post, I talked about abundance consciousness. But before realizing once own nature of abundance, it is crucial to understand all those factors that prevent us from realizing our abundance. ‘World is not a safe place anymore’‘Earning money is hard’‘True love is … Continue reading Abundance Conscious-2

Abundance Conscious-1

“Abundance consciousness means becoming aware of the existence of abundance, of feeling it in your life, and of connecting with it”- Today I had the opportunity of taking the Mind valley Master class with Christie Marie Sheldon about ‘Abundance’. Since the second the universe came into existence, it is continuously growing and expanding. Growth is the very nature of the universe and everything it … Continue reading Abundance Conscious-1

It is all in your hands

“Desperate times, desperate measures”, heard it often right? In my earlier post, I talked about channelizing emotions. What does this mean? At least once in our lifetime, we all must have come across a situation where we experience an overload of emotion, it may be an overload of happiness, pain, anger, frustration, or motivation. Remember your experience What did you do next? Did you … Continue reading It is all in your hands