Assistance follows Resistance

“You cannot do it”, “You know it’s Sunday, I will start from Monday”, “ I will do it later”.Are you familiar with these statements? It comes from within you. But who is this talking about? Do you want a delay? You love yourself and would want to progress at all costs. Then why would youContinue reading “Assistance follows Resistance”

Cost of Convenience

A few days back I was having a conversation with my mentor who is about 45 years old now, about how different their generation is from ours. It started with a discussion about college trips, mainly how it was planned in their time and what all factors are considered now. It painted a clear pictureContinue reading “Cost of Convenience”

Fight against yourself

“Sometimes the hardest battle is against yourself”- ( (Pinterest) In our everyday life, we come across several problems, varying from light to intense based on what is at stake. These everyday battles, no matter what the intensity is are temporary and their negative impacts fade away with time. But one battle that we all fight soonerContinue reading “Fight against yourself”

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