The Book of Life

Here’s an interesting story from Dr. Joseph Murphy’s ‘ The Power of your Subconscious mind’.  A woman aged 75 was in a habit of saying to herself, ‘I am losing my memory. She reversed the procedure and practiced induced autosuggestion several times a day as follows. “My memory from today on is improving in every department. I shall always remember whatever I need to know … Continue reading The Book of Life


“If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result” Each one of us wants to grow and succeed in life in whatever field we want. Is that not true? We also know for sure that at this point we are not equipped with the skillset and mindset which is required to reach that point, otherwise, we would have been there. The problem … Continue reading Quitting

Identifying the right milestone

As we know, every journey comprises of a range of milestones. This is also true for your journey to success. Our journey to success is filled with a variety of milestones, some of them offer success and others offer failure. This unpredictability makes it very difficult to choose the right milestone. As I had already said in, success is not just the result of … Continue reading Identifying the right milestone

Game of Life

“Life is 10% of what you make it and 90% of how you take it”- Anonymous Life is the most confusing journey to understand. Filled with many thrilling milestones and the absence of any rules and limitation makes it very interesting. Some, who understand the game, excel at it, and become someone who we look up to in admiration for inspiration. Many of us are … Continue reading Game of Life