Journey of success

“Success requires no explanation and failure permits no alibis”- Napoleon Hill When in school, I could see a distinction between the students. One of them was an A grade student, who excels at everything, then came the B and C grade students. Everybody held high hopes from the A grade students when compared to B orContinue reading “Journey of success”

Burning Desire

In his book, “ Think and grow rich”, Napoleon Hill, after studying about 500 successful people, has talked about the importance of having a burning desire within. He applied this in his own life when his son was born without ears. Though the child was born without a natural hearing device, he refused this lifelongContinue reading “Burning Desire”

Master of your Life

“You are the master of your fate and captain of your soul”– Henry Ford Before talking about the quote I would like to tell you a story about a man who said this quote. Many years ago when Ford wanted to introduce the V 8 motor, he wanted to build the engine with all 8Continue reading “Master of your Life”

Seeds of Success

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor”- Truman Capote ( I have often seen many people admiring people around them who are successful in their respective fields, or perhaps, people who have a charming personality. Thereon, they try to incorporate a part of their habits, lifestyle, and behavior into their own life in orderContinue reading “Seeds of Success”


“It’s not the words of your intentions that manifest your reality, it’s the vibration of the energy of your intentions that attracts” – The law of In a spiritual sense, when energy becomes real, it is referred to as manifestation. Yesterday I was listening to a Mind valley master class by Michael Beckwith, founderContinue reading “Manifestation”