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Metacognition simply means thinking about thinking. We all realize that procrastination or any other behavior is a function of the brain. It is all about understanding why your brain reacts the way it does. To understand, we have to monitor our thought processes and reaction to stimuli. This process of analyzing the functioning of ourContinue reading “Metacognition”

Competing Motives

Every motivational speech and self-help book emphasizes greatly the importance of internal motivation. Isn’t that true? But very few talk about the root cause of that motivation and the way it impacts us in the long run. There are two types of internal motives: Approaching motive- When we have a goal in mind and ourContinue reading “Competing Motives”

Relationship between Self-worth and Procrastination

Every person should strive to understand before they die what they are running and to, and why James Thurber Self-worth is a psychological need to be seen by ourselves and others as competent, able, and worthy. Maslow had placed it in his hierarchy of needs just below self-actualization. Have you met somebody who whenever talkContinue reading “Relationship between Self-worth and Procrastination”

How to stop Procrastination

Procrastination, a habit that can slow down the growth of even the most skilled people influences each of our lives. What is the point of our potential if we waste all of it by procrastinating? Piers Steel came up with a motivation equation that can help us better understand procrastination and overcome it. Equation- Expectancy xContinue reading “How to stop Procrastination”

Why do we procrastinate?

“Don’t wait! The time will never be just right”- Napoleon If we have a deadline of one week for completing a task, it’s not rocket science that giving our best and finishing some part of it every day will give us a better result than just piling up the work. But still, we keep onContinue reading “Why do we procrastinate?”